02.10.2019 12:45

Samarkand Half Marathon will take place in Samarkand from November 1 to 3, 2019. The main goal of the project is to attract public attention to the problem of accessibility and inclusion of cultural and art objects, and promote healthy lifestyle and the development of sports tourism in Uzbekistan.



Bоth professional and amateur runners can participate in the event. The distances featured are 21 km, 10 km and 2 km. Registration for all three will be open until October 20.

 The proceeds from the half marathon will be used to implement a pilot project to create an accessible environment for visually impaired people in one of the theaters in Tashkent. The program involves staging a play on the stage of the theater, using tiflo commenting. For this, the necessary equipment will be purchased, as well as the training of specialists organized.

In preparation for the half marathon, the Art and Culture Development Foundation will conduct a study on the problem of inclusion - pilot monitoring of the accessibility of theaters, museums, parks, and other cultural institutions of Tashkent for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility will be conducted. In addition, training will be held on inclusiveness and accessibility for employees of these institutions. The results of the study will be presented in the form of a report as part of the educational program of the half marathon.

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