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1. Visa-free regime is introduced for citizens of 90 countries (list of countries is attached), including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The visa-free regime applies to citizens of these countries, holders of all categories of passports (diplomatic, service and civil) planning to visit the Republic of Uzbekistan regardless of the purpose of their trip. In order to enter the country, a person must have a valid national passport or another substitute document used for travel to foreign countries.

The visa-free regime does not apply to stateless persons permanently residing in the territories of these countries.

Accordingly, the visa-free regime is valid for 30 days (for some countries for 60 days) from the date of entry into Uzbekistan. Before the end of the 30-day (for some countries for 60 days) visa-free stay period, a foreign citizen must leave the Republic of Uzbekistan. Exceeding the 30-day (for some countries for 60 days) visa-free stay is recognized as violation of the Rules of stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Accordingly, if it is necessary to stay in Uzbekistan for more than 30 days (for some countries for 60 days), a foreign citizen must obtain an entry visa to the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the established procedure, corresponding to the purpose of his trip.


2. A visa-free regime for holders of diplomatic passport is established with China, Hungary, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan (up to 30 days), Vietnam, India and the Republic of Korea (up to 60 days), Brazil, Egypt, Kuwait, Latvia, UAE, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkey, Estonia, and Japan (up to 90 days). Citizens of these countries (except India) holding diplomatic passports and accredited as employees of diplomatic missions or consular offices of their countries located on the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as their family members, have the right to enter and stay without a visa for the entire period of work.


3. Uzbekistan and Japan issue visas without consular fees on the mutual basis.


4. A system for registering and issuing electronic entry visas for citizens 57 countries (list of countries is attached) has been launched in Uzbekistan at

A system for registration and issuance of electronic entry visas for stay in Uzbekistan for tourist purposes provides cancellation of unnecessary procedure for compulsory application of foreign citizens to diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad for registration of an entry tourist visa.

An electronic visa is issued to a foreign citizen for a single stay on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan for a period of 30 days.

An electronic visa is valid for 90 days from the date of its issue.

The time period for consideration of the application for registration and issuance of an electronic visa is within two working days, excluding the day of submitting the application.

The issued electronic visa is sent to the e-mail address of the foreign citizen indicated when applying to the official web portal of the system

The application for processing an electronic visa must be submitted not less than three working days before the planned date of the trip to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The amount of the consular fee for considering the application for issuing an electronic entry visa is USD 20.

Payment is carried out electronically through international payment systems. In case of refusal to issue an electronic visa, the consular fee is not refundable.

An electronic visa is not stuck in a travel document (passport). When crossing the border point, a foreign citizen provides an electronic visa in paper or electronic form.


5. A short-term transit visa-free entry to the Republic of Uzbekistan is introduced for a period not exceeding five days for citizens of 31 countries (list of countries is attached). In this case the foreigners must transit through international airports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, provided they have an “Uzbekistan Airways” air ticket to a third country. This procedure applies transiting passengers wishing to explore the sights of Uzbekistan.


6. Visa-free entry to the Republic of Uzbekistan for foreign citizens up to 16 year old with biometric travel document. In this case they must be accompanied by legal representatives and they can stay in Uzbekistan for the duration of the visa of the accompanying person, but not more than ninety days since the date of entry into the country.

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