The Coordination and Methodological Center on the Uzbekistan’s contemporary history under the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences

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 The Coordination and Methodological Center of the Uzbekistan’s contemporary history under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan  is the working agency of the Public Council for Contemporary History of Uzbekistan, acting on a voluntary basis by a scientific and coordination, advisory interdepartmental part, formed to promote research and teaching of modern Uzbekistan's history. Estimate quality of scientific, educational and methodological literature, spiritual and educational work in this sphere.

The main activities of the Center are:

- сoordination and organization of a systematic study of the contemporary history of Uzbekistan, based on modern methodological approaches and interdisciplinarity;

- carrying out researches to improve the methodology of studying history of Uzbekistan;

- organization of development of actual problems on studying the contemporary history of Uzbekistan;

- assistance in the formation of historical memory, national self-awareness, honor historical traditions, cultural heritage of the people;

- study of modern foreign scientific literature on the history of Uzbekistan;

- bringing to the international society objective information about the historical past, socio-economic and socio-political development of modern Uzbekistan;

- development of proposals for inclusion to the list of tasks of competitions of scientific and technical projects on research of the contemporary history of Uzbekistan within the framework of state scientific and technical programs;

- participation in holding competitions for the creation of educational and methodological literature on the modern history of Uzbekistan.

As part of its activities, the Center cooperates with research organizations of foreign countries and international funds, publishes the journal "Actual Issues of Contemporary History of Uzbekistan". The Center organizes and conducts international and republican conferences and seminars on topical issues of the contemporary history of Uzbekistan, publishes educational, scientific and methodical literature.

There are three departments in the Center: expertise of the spiritual, educational and methodological literature on history; organization of scientific research and preparation of educational, scientific and methodical literature; monitoring and analysis of foreign studies on the Uzbekistan’s contemporary history.

The head of the Center is Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor M.A.Rakhimov. In the Center are working: Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor S.A.Pulatova, candidate of Historical Sciences B.A.Aminov, candidate of Historical Sciences I.М.Shamsiyeva, senior research associates A.T.Zamonov, K.К.Sagdullaev, P.A.Kurbanamamadov. Also part-time in the Center are the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Kh.A.Buriyeva, junior researcher Sh.E.Ziyoyev.

The monographs in English "Central Asia: Issues, Problems and Perspectives" (Germany, 2015) and "Historical Links of Eastern and Central Asia" (India, 2105) were published under the editorship of the Director of the Center prof. M.A. Rakhimov. The employees of the Center are the authors of the monographs "Stratification processes of Uzbekistan’s society in the context of historical processes" (2014), "Cooperation of Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries with the leading countries of the world" (2016).

In addition, with the participation of the Center's staff, a number of textbooks were prepared and published, such as "History of Uzbekistan", "World History" for pupils of 10 classes (in 7 languages), the tutorial "Contemporary History of Uzbekistan", schoolbooks and chrestomathy for students of grades 6-9 on the subject "History of Uzbekistan", a collection of verbal histories "Historical Memory and Independence" (in uzbek language).

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