21.08.2019 12:22

This was the idea that the head of our state put forward to while visiting the construction site of the Presidential School in the city of Nukus.

It was in Nukus, during his last year’s trip to the region, that Shavkat Mirziyoyev came up with the initiative to establish presidential schools, and proposed to build the first such institution in Karakalpakstan. A corresponding resolution was inked on February 20 earlier this year.


The construction of the Presidential School in Nukus is proceeding at an accelerated pace. The results of admission procedure conducted jointly with the Examination Council of the University of Cambridge demonstrate that the worthiest children indeed were chosen out.


Shavkat Mirziyoyev insisted that bоth the building of the school and the educational process in it reveal the highest standards, and that its high-quality construction and commissioning by the Constitution Day (celebrated in Uzbekistan on 8 December) be ensured. Meanwhile, children will study in other premises.



Education at the school will be in English, in accordance with the STEAM program as well as the curriculum developed with the participation of foreign specialists. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, information technology and foreign languages are to be taught in depth using advanced learning methods.



The head of state enquired into the process teachers are selected for work in this institution.


“Bоth the instructors and students of the school should be the most commendable,” the President pointed out. “Here, spirituality and sense of patriotism should be nurtured along with the provision of deep knowledge. In each district, basic kindergartens and schools should be formed so that this school admits children with robust knowledge. All this shall uplift the general standards and the substance of training, ultimately changing the educational environment.”




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