Preserving natural resources

09.09.2020 11:35

Ipak Yuli Bank has allocated grants to entrepreneurs for the implementation of 13 projects in green technologies throughout the country at the expense of resources provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The funds are allocated within the framework of the GEFF program carried out by the bank jointly with the EBRD.
It should be noted that at present, Uzbekistan has begun the implementation of innovative projects to transform the activities of private industrial enterprises and their transition to the use of resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in the production process. 
Ipak Yuli Bank and EBRD have signed a loan agreement for the GEFF program implementation to finance entrepreneurs’ projects providing for the rational use of water and other natural resources, organizing environmentally friendly production. Grants allocated to Uzbekistan to support business projects for creating environmentally friendly industries will amount to million.

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