Heads of regions, ministries and agencies will report on presidential acts on a monthly basis

28.05.2020 09:54

Over the past three months, Uzbekistan has adopted 16 presidential decrees and decisions aimed at mitigating the impact of the pandemic on the economy, supporting entrepreneurs and providing social protection for citizens.

The implementation of these decisions will be strengthened. This was discussed during the videoconference chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on May 26.

In particular, both Chambers of Oliy Majlis, together with the local councils of people’s deputies are recommended to monitor the implementation of presidential decisions and instructions adopted within country’s fight against the pandemic.

The khokims of districts, cities and district along with ministers are assigned to hold monthly briefings on the implementation of the presidential acts; report to the media, representatives of Parliament and the general public.

Uzbekistan introduced gradual ease of quarantine restrictions on early May. As a result, more than 19,000 (91%) industrial, 9,000 (76%) construction, 51,000 (52%) service and 45,000 (44%) commercial enterprises resume their work.

This led to tax and customs revenues increase in May by 230 billion soums compared to the same period of last month, and sales of construction materials on the commodity exchange increased by 20%.

The volume of loans issued by commercial banks increased by 13% compared to the corresponding period last month.

The President of Uzbekistan stressed the need to continue targeted efforts to restore economic activity. Businesses, however, will have to adhere to strict quarantine requirement aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Thus, a number of actions will be taken. Particularly, quarantine measures will be strengthened in the territories where the epidemiological situation has worsened, number tests in “red” and “yellow” zones per day will be increased, increasing the number of analyses performed per day in “red” and “yellow” zones. Finally, control testing will be held in markets, banks and public places.

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