Digitalizing medicine issues discussed

05.07.2020 10:22
The National Chamber of Innovative Healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan presented to its Russian colleagues an algorithm for the operational activities of the country’s government aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of the fight against COVID-19.


Issues such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on accelerating the digitalization of the healthcare industry, government support for innovative medicine and investments in it, the introduction of an automated system for monitoring the movement of drugs, future medicine: breakthrough technologies and digital transformation solutions – artificial intelligence, blockchain, telemedicine and several others were considered at the session.
In particular, among the forecasts on changes in the healthcare organization related to the influence of technologies, digital monitoring, prevention, therapy, diagnosis and decision-making with the help of artificial intelligence were discussed.
Introduction of digitalization in the organization of medical care (Deloitte technology), according to experts, will increase the accessibility of doctors due to synchronization, allow the patient to be involved in how he is treated, or in managing his care.
This experience is very important for Uzbekistan, which also begins in July to use such a method for the management of patients with COVID-19, which have an asymptomatic or mild course of the disease.

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