Enjoying nature

27.08.2020 10:45

International Caravanserai of Culture named after Ikuo Hiroyama hosted an exhibition of Gayane Matevosyan’s works “Enjoying nature”. The exhibition presents about 60 works.

Gayane Matevosyan is a talented artist, cartoonist, professional sumi-e painting artist and the only artist in Uzbekistan who is engaged in Japanese calligraphy. Since 2016, she has been conducting master classes in Japanese sumi-e painting art at Ikuo Hiroyama International Caravanserai of Culture.
Sketching is a modern method of rapid drawing. The technique of this method is unique – drawing is obtained very quickly, allowing artist to display various objects, their thoughts and ideas in a short time. Sketching techniques have long been used by designers as the basis for visualizing their ideas and thoughts, and sketching is useful for people who need to quickly convey their ideas to others.
In academic drawing and painting, a sketch is an outline for future work, color selection, and composition. Currently, sketching direction has developed, and it is already considered one of the independent artistic trends in modern art.
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