Uzbek fabrics make headway in Latvia Print
Friday, 21 April 2017 02:58

Baltic news portal Baltnews has published the article of the Latvian journalist V.Pospelova under the heading "Magic Uzbek fabrics: magnificent dresses were shown in Riga".

In the publication it is noted that the textile fr om the sunny land have always been famous for their elegance and high quality. "You can admire from their magic designs in Riga in the House of Uzbek Fashion Moel Bosh wh ere the presentation of the dresses of luxurious satin and adras was carried out".

The author quotes the words of the head of the House of Fashion Zuhra Inat who says that the amazing dresses and products made from traditional fabrics are evidence of the careful attitude of the Uzbek people towards their culture.

The publication also contains the statements of the chairman of the Latvian Chamber of Fashion Dita Danaosa that this show enabled visitors to plunge into the magical world of Uzbek art fabrics, and also to show the public the difference between the fashionable eclecticism and the national style. "The clothes of the Uzbek Fashion House were made by hand using the most beautiful bright colors inherent in sunny Uzbekistan".

Recall that, the Baltnews is the largest Russian-language news publication in the Baltics covering events in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Jahon Information Agency,