08.01.2019 12:15

On January 5, 2019 a ceremony on signing of the agreement on the involvement of the Belgian consultant by the Uzbek company «Asia tour Elite» for the implementation of the project «Zangiata thermal health complex» took place at the Embassy of Uzbekistan to the Benelux countries.

The document was signed by the General Director of «Asia tour Elite» Mr.Akmal Kasymov from the Uzbek side, as well as by the Director of «Yukon» law company Mr.Jean de Brabander from the Belgian side.

The agreement implies that the foreign consultant will facilitate in identifying a major international investor with experience in the implementation of such tourist complexes and provide comprehensive services for the formulation of an investment Memorandum, as well as for the development and maintenance of legal documents.

As noted, the proposed project «will be the largest health SPA in Uzbekistan». It is assumed that the users of its services will be not only residents of the Tashkent region, but also citizens of Kazakhstan and other neighboring countries. The project includes the construction of 400 hotel rooms of sanatorium type, a whole complex of health procedures with the provision of bоth sanatorium and basic medical procedures.

The signing of the mentioned document coincided with the publication of the Decree оf the President of Uzbekistan in the media «On additional measures to accelerate the development of tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan» and the Decree «On measures to accelerate the development of the tourism industry», which aims to transform tourism into a strategic sector of the economy by diversifying and improving the quality of services, improving tourism and transport infrastructure.

The adoption of documents in the coming years should turn the tourism industry, including medical tourism, into one of the locomotives of the comprehensive development of the country and its regions.

As reported from the Embassy of Uzbekistan, immediately after the publication related to adoption of above mentioned documents, the diplomatic mission began to receive calls from potential foreign tourists and representatives of travel agencies.

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