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Nowadays, Uzbekistan is taking bold actions to simplify travel procedures up to introducing of visa-free regimes aimed at embracing the potential of tourism industry.

Starting from February 2019, a new legislation introducing visa-free regimes for 30 days is entering into force for additional 45 countries. Notably, the previous actions taken to simplify travel rules and procedure to Uzbekistan boosted the number of visitors which increased by 2 times last year. Specifically, from 2,6 million people in 2017 to 5,3 million in 2018.

Changes to visa policy are echoed across the world, especially among the ones affiliated with visa free regime along with representatives of travel agencies.

Thus, Sepp Kaiser, Consultant at Raiffeisen Reisen (Austria) reflects on his past travels to Uzbekistan:

- As a tour guide at Raiffeisen Reisen (Austria), I have had a chance to visit Uzbekistan several times in my life where I have witnessed the rich history, friendly people and beautiful places like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. I love organic fruits and vegetable in your country. Taking a road trip across the desert stretch spread from Bukhara to Khiva was a very unique experience to me as an Austrian because we are landlocked country with a great variety of different landscapes: from biggest lakes to highest mountain except for desert. I am strongly convinced that Uzbekistan has a great potential to grow in the area of tourism.

Michael Haunold, Direction on CIS Countries at GTA Sky Ways (Austria) commend the shifts in the area of tourism in Uzbekistan:

 - GTA Sky Ways (Austria) has extensive experience working with Uzbekistan. Our company was the first in early 1990s to offer charter flights to Tashkent. Those travelling to Uzbekistan have nothing but praise for country, its nation and rich culture as we, Austrians travel in the search of exotic experiences. The recent introduction of visa-free regime undeniably makes Uzbekistan an appealing travel destination among our clients.

Khamchok Singsombun, CEO of CC&TS Co., Ltd logistics company (Thailand) says Uzbekistan is gaining more recognition as travel destination among the people of Thailand:

- I have been actively following the changes happening in your country for the last year as I started a close collaboration with Uzbekistan in the early 2018. Our cooperation has been steadily developing. In fact, two Thai hotels and one restaurant opened last year in Tashkent. I hope the efforts of the Uzbek government in reaching out more tourists will see positive results because there is a lot to discover in Uzbekistan.

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Vienna, Bangkok

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