The President of Uzbekistan accepts credentials from the newly appointed foreign ambassadors

Shavkat Mirziyoyev currently serves as the President of Uzbekistan. Since he took office in 2016, he has introduced significant reforms across the political, economic, and social sectors. Noteworthy accomplishments include economic liberalization, improved transparency in public administration, and the strengthening of rule of law. He remains committed to the implementation of the New Uzbekistan 2022-2026 strategy, aspiring to shape a more liberal and progressive Uzbekistan.

07.05.2024 04:47

/"Dunyo" IA/. Today, a solemn ceremony of presenting credentials to newly appointed foreign ambassadors to Uzbekistan took place, reports "Dunyo" IA correspondent.

According to the press service of the head of our state, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received the credentials from Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary József Rózsa, the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Ali Eskandari, the Czech Republic Lubomír Frebort, the Sultanate of Oman Wafa Albusaidi, and the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Mohamed Irki.

Warmly congratulating the heads of foreign diplomatic missions on their appointment, the Leader of Uzbekistan emphasized their essential role in bringing closer and developing the multifaceted cooperation of Uzbekistan with the countries they represent.

The President of Uzbekistan noted that in today’s conditions of aggravated geopolitical tensions, problems in the global economy, and threats to sustainable development, the importance of diplomats in establishing a constructive dialogue between states and strengthening friendly and mutually beneficial relations between them is increasing.

As the Head of state emphasized, the Uzbekistan 2030 Strategy outlines the priority directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy. It is about strengthening friendship and cooperation with all foreign countries, broadly attracting foreign investment into the economy, increasing industrial and export potential, and creating favorable conditions for the private sector.

"Today Uzbekistan is a peace-loving and fair social state, opening up to the world and consistently strengthening long-term and multifaceted relations with its foreign partners", the President emphasized.

The Leader of Uzbekistan drew attention to the fact that the country’s economy has doubled over the past seven years, investment volumes and trade turnover indicators are steadily growing, and the geography of exports is expanding. The world’s leading companies and well-known brands are actively entering the Uzbekistan market.

This is also evidenced by the successful results of the Third Tashkent Investment Forum and the Foreign Investors Council, which recently took place with representatives from 93 countries.

Stressing that Uzbekistan will consistently pursue an open, pragmatic, and proactive foreign policy in the international arena, the Head of state drew the ambassadors’ attention to the importance of bringing relations with the countries they represent to an entirely new qualitative and meaningful level.

Addressing the Ambassador of Hungary, the President of Uzbekistan noted that Budapest is an important and time-tested reliable partner of Uzbekistan in Europe.

"In recent years, as a result of our strong aspirations and joint efforts with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, relations between the two countries have risen to the level of strategic partnership", the President said.

It was also noted that trade turnover has doubled, the number of joint ventures is growing, the Embassy of Uzbekistan was opened in Budapest last year, and more than a hundred Uzbekistan students are studying at Hungarian universities under the "Stipendium Hungaricum" program. Several leading Hungarian companies and banks, such as OTP Bank, Bonapharm, Gedeon Richter, and Meditop, successfully operate in Uzbekistan’s market.

The start of flights between Tashkent and Budapest was viewed as a positive development that will further enhance business ties and tourist exchange.

The Head of state noted that Iran and Uzbekistan have relations whose roots go back centuries. Modern Iran has enormous economic, cultural, and intellectual potential. Recent historic high-level visits and important agreements have ushered in a new period of growth in our relations.

Contacts at all levels have intensified. The volume of bilateral trade is growing, and the number of joint ventures has reached 300. It was noted that the parties have identified specific plans to bring mutual trade turnover to newscat="shavkat_mirziyoyev" billion.

Uzbekistan is interested in expanding its interaction with Iran in mining, energy, chemical industries, agriculture, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

The importance of fully utilizing the potential of cooperation on transport corridors and transit was emphasized.

The President of Uzbekistan noted that the Czech Republic is Uzbekistan’s traditional and essential partner in the European Union. Last year, the exchange of visits by government delegations took bilateral relations to a new level.

Over the past year alone, mutual trade has doubled, confirming enormous opportunities for cooperation. In Uzbekistan, Czech companies successfully operate in industry, infrastructure, medicine, and the production of construction materials. Air service on the Tashkent – Prague route is being prepared for launch.

The importance of fully implementing already agreed-upon investment projects and adopting an industrial cooperation program was noted. The Czech Export Bank and the Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation’s plans to enter Uzbekistan’s banking and financial market are highly appreciated.

As the President stated, the Sultanate of Oman is an essential partner of Uzbekistan in the Middle East region. The holy religion of Islam, with similar traditions and values, is a solid basis for our cooperation.

"The magnificent library of the Institute of Oriental Studies, opened in Tashkent with the participation of Sultan Haitham Al Said, is a symbol of friendship between our countries", the Head of state said.

The vast untapped potential for cooperation between the two countries was noted. The need to quickly hold the next meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission and form the Business Council was emphasized.

Cooperation in agriculture, transport and logistics, telecommunications, textile industry, and tourism is promising. Attention was drawn to the importance of effectively using the capabilities of the Uzbekistan – Oman Investment Company.

The President of Uzbekistan noted that Algeria is a rapidly developing country in the Arab-Muslim world with great economic potential. Algeria is Uzbekistan’s promising partner on the African continent. Algeria was the first Arab state to open its embassy in Tashkent.

The importance of organizing high-level meetings, creating mechanisms for political consultations, and holding the first meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission was emphasized, which will undoubtedly give new impetus to bilateral relations.

The need to establish an exchange of delegations to develop and implement a portfolio of specific investment projects in oil and gas, energy, agriculture, and tourism was noted.

Following the ceremony, the President of Uzbekistan wished the ambassadors great success in their honorable mission and called on them to visit the regions more often to see with their own eyes the creative changes taking place in the country. This will undoubtedly contribute to deepening interaction.

The diplomats expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and the conditions created for their practical activities. They assured that they would make every effort to develop multifaceted cooperation with Uzbekistan.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev

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