“When are products reasonable in price? Once we deliver a favorable environment” President arrives in Bektemir district

21.08.2020 10:42

Enterprises that had to suspend their work amid the pandemic have been gradually resuming their activities now. Nevertheless, they need time and support to reach pre-pandemic capacities. In a number of decrees and during video sessions with government officials, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has devised specific strategies and tasks to further them.

To become acquainted with industrial enterprises reviving their activities, the Head of the state is visiting today Bektemir district of the city of Tashkent.
The first facility is the plant of LLC Bektemir Metall Konstruktsiyalari.
The million worth project was commissioned in 2018. It is capable of producing 65 thousand tons of galvanized metal a year, 1.6 thousand kilometers of road barriers, 130 thousand tons of welded pipes and 17 thousand tons of lighting poles.
Metal structures are hot-dip galvanized using Italian machinery Bisol S.p.A., in line with international quality standards. The goods manufactured here are distinct with their durability, attractive appearance and ease of installation. Cutting-edge equipment from China and South Korea is also used at the plant.
The company employs 375 engineers and workers.
The President reviewed the production process, gave some instructions to executives in charge of the industry.
“Technologies as well as goods are just excellent. Still, it is essential to constantly work on development, to expand the presence of this enterprise in the industry by manufacturing inexpensive, safe and high-quality structures. And when are products reasonable in price? Once we deliver a favorable environment” Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated.
The necessity of setting up a project design group and turning the enterprise into an industrial cluster with an eye to the European practice, German in particular, was noted.
Instructions were given to train qualified specialists.
President’s trip to Bektemir district continues.

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