Uzbekistan, Japan discuss promising areas of cooperation in innovative healthcare

14.09.2020 13:11

Ambassador Gayrat Fazilov has met with the CEO of RIKEN Immune Regenerative Medicine Inc., Haruhiro Tokuoka.

At the meeting, the Japanese side presented information about Natural killer T (NKT) cells, which were discovered in 1986 and have a strong effect of enhancing the body’s immune response. Considering this property, the company, in cooperation with the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research of Japan (RIKEN), has developed a new innovative method of treating cancer patients by enriching their blood with NKT cells. This method of treatment allows to target only cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues.
Taking into account the high research potential and the urgency of the issue of treating tumor diseases in Uzbekistan, the Japanese side expressed its readiness to study the possibility of cooperation with Uzbekistan scientists in this direction.
Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on presentation of this innovative method of treating cancer through a joint videoconference between Uzbekistan and Japan specialists.

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