To secure justice in social protection system

04.08.2020 10:09

On August 4, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a video conference to discuss issues of material support for the segments of population in need of social protection and assistance during the pandemic.

The decline in economic activity due to the coronavirus contagion has had a grave impact on living standards. In these circumstances, among the urgent tasks is to support people who have ended up jobless and hence lost their source of income.
The President’s July 30 Decree on additional measures to provide material support to the population in need of assistance and social protection during the coronavirus pandemic has proved an important step in this direction. In accordance with this document, an additional 2 trillion soums were allocated from the budget to be directed to support 1.7 million low-income people, 3.7 million pensioners and 500 thousand recipients of social benefits.
In particular, over the past 5 days, needy families received material assistance in the amount of 148 billion soums. In August, 780 billion soums are planned to be paid out to 1.7 million people along with more than 50 thousand medical staff.
It is essential in current circumstances to correctly form the lists of families in need of financial assistance, to fairly distribute the allocated funds. Resultant instructions have been given in this regard at the video session.
The President stressed the responsibility of sector leaders and mahalla representatives for social payments to reach the target population.
Supervisory authorities have been instructed at the meeting to establish constant control over the proper allotment of funds and take measures to prevent breaches of the law.
Corresponding measures are defined in the presidential resolution signed today on additional measures to automate the procedures for the provision of state social services and assistance to the population, which envisages the introduction of Integrated Social Protection Register.

The system has been tested in the Syrdarya region and showed its effectiveness. It will be gradually introduced by the end of the year across the entire nation.
The state has been expanding the scale of social assistance, thus implying the need for the register. It is expected that by the end of the year, the body of social benefit recipients will reach 1.2 million, increasing to 1.5 million in 2021. The Integrated Social Register will make it possible to provide all types of social assistance in accordance with the same criteria and single document.
Crucially, from January 1 next year, citizens will not have to collect more than 30 types of certificates from 12 government agencies, as they do thus far. In addition, the provision of 30 types of social assistance and services will be greatly simplified.
The list of families in need of material assistance, it was noted at the meeting, should be drawn up in mahallas in compliance with justice principles and approved by local councils of people’s deputies.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev underlined the importance of strengthening the mahalla and public control over the fair distribution of funds, by engaging senior citizens and activists in delivering social assistance.
The head of our state urged to convey 200 billion soums assigned to reward 50 thousand medical emergency personnel in a timely manner and without paperwork.
Ministers, hokims and sector leaders reported on works undertaken on this front.


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