The report of the Cabinet of Ministers on the implementation of the State Program in the first quarter of 2021 was heard

28.04.2022 11:17

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- At the twenty-fifth plenary session of the Senate, a report of the Cabinet of Ministers was heard on the results of the implementation in the first quarter of 2022 of the State Program for the Implementation of the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026 in the Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Development of the Mahalla ".

In the first quarter of this year, 59 legal and other acts were adopted in the most important areas of state and public life.

Thanks to the measures taken, a number of positive results have been achieved in the economy.

In particular, compared to the same period of last year, the gross domestic product grew by 5.8%. The volume of trade turnover reached 59.1 trillion soums, which is 10.8% compared to last year. Foreign investments in the amount of US billion 448 million have been mastered. This forecast indicator was fulfilled by 167%. The export of the republic (excluding special exports) amounted to US.7 billion and increased by 15% compared to the corresponding period last year.

Particular attention was paid to strengthening the role of the mahalla institution.

In particular, 695 mahalla complexes have been built, 16 mahalla buildings have been reconstructed, current repairs have been carried out in 55, and construction and repair work is ongoing in 205.

In addition, in order to ensure the peace and security of the mahallas, the activities of 6,822 public patrol groups "Fidokor Yoshlar" have been established, which involve 14,957 young people. 

A number of measures have been taken to support the population in need of social protection. 

Thus, in open electronic competitions, 55.9 thousand hectares of land were allocated to 256 thousand winners, including more than 81 thousand families included in the lists of the "iron notebook", "women's notebook" and "youth notebook", 13.8 thousand hectares were allocated, more than 15 thousand citizens who returned from abroad - 2.5 thousand hectares of land.

1.7 thousand out of 2.1 thousand families (80.1%) of persons with disabilities were repaired in need of repair. Of the 847 families living in non-residential premises (32%), 268 are allocated housing, and 456 families (54%) are paid rent for housing.

At the meeting, the senators noted that along with the ongoing work to ensure the implementation of the Program, there are some shortcomings.

In particular, the process of adopting drafts of relevant legal acts developed in pursuance of a number of points of the program is being delayed. And this does not allow making appropriate changes in such important areas as further liberalization of the economy, ensuring environmental safety, and developing medicine.

During the discussion of the implementation of the State Program, the senators also paid special attention to issues that cause numerous objections from the population.

As a result of the discussion, the corresponding resolution of the Senate was adopted.

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