24.10.2019 15:01

On October 24, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the progress of construction works carried out at the Yunusabad line of the Tashkent Metro.

In order to create amenities for locals and guests, new transport interchanges, underground and elevated metro lines are built in the capital. In particular, in accordance with the resolution of the head of state on 7 November 2016, the second stage of the Yunusabad subway line is being built. 


The total project cost is 103.8 million US dollars; works have already been completed for 67.5 million dollars. 3 kilometers long tracks were laid from Shahriston station, and two new stations were built. Drilling and reinforcement with reinforced concrete structures of one of the tunnels have been undertaken; drilling of the second tunnel and the laying of engineering and communications systems will soon be fulfilled. Construction and installation works are ongoing at the Yunusobod and Turkiston stations.


The President got acquainted with the efforts carried out at the site of the future Turkiston station, paid special attention to the quality of construction and the convenience of the station for passengers.


“This line and stations will serve the people. Therefore, quality is the most important factor,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev stressed.



German technology was installed and specialists were invited to the construction works. Accordingly, quality and safety is expected to be at the level of German standards.


During his trip to this place last year, the head of our state gave instructions on optimizing the movement of the subway and buses.


According to calculations, the commissioning of the new section of the line will significantly reduce travel time and increase the frequency of bus runs in the Yunusabad district, and save 5.5 tons of fuel per day. Passengers will be able to reach their destination 20 minutes faster.



The Tashkent Metro is used by an average of 240 thousand people a day. Further expansion of the underground network through the continuation of the Yunusabad line, the construction of the Sergeli and Kuyluk lines with a total length of 21 kilometers will allow, as planned, to cover another 150 thousand people with subway services. This will not only create great convenience for the population, but also help minimize traffic jams.


“We are doing this in response to requests from the public and with an eye to the future. If you do not do it today, jams in the city will only increase. Public transport should be fully convenient and affordable, be more attractive than using your own car. Public transport is rather important for passenger safety and urban ecology,” the President suggested.



Presentation of projects of the new line from the Buyuk Ipak Yuli metro station to the Tashkent Tractor Plant bus station, as well as the new terminal of the Samarkand International Airport, took place here.



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