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A group of military personnel, law enforcement officers was awarded military ranks, orders and medals by the decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the occasion of Defenders of the Motherland Day and the 27th anniversary of formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

On January 14, the ceremony of presenting these high awards of the Motherland took place.

The President of Uzbekistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulated the participants on Defenders of the Motherland Day and noted that he considers it a great honor to present these awards.

– It is deeply symbolic that the awards are presented to you on Defenders of the Motherland Day. On this holiday, we honor our Armed Forces, all soldiers, sergeants, officers and generals, our esteemed veterans, and extend our best wishes to them. I congratulate our entire national army, all our military personnel. We all know and appreciate your selfless service in the name of defense of the Motherland, bravery and courage. Therefore, I want you to accept these awards as a sign of unlimited respect and attention of our people to the Armed Forces, to all their personnel, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Large-scale reforms are being carried out for strengthening the combat potential of the Armed Forces, equipping them with modern weapons and equipment, enhancing the physical and intellectual training of military personnel based on the country’s Defense Doctrine. The material-technical base of military units and subunits is being strengthened, exercises are held at the test sites. Decent conditions are being created for providing military housing and supporting their families.

The human factor plays a crucial role in defense. Those who are loyal to oath, educated and skilled, courageous, active and energetic military personnel are the power of the army. They ensure victory, educate personnel, and lead them.

– The national army capable of adequately repelling any threat is a reliable shield for our people and country. That is why today we attach serious importance not only to the combat training of military personnel, but also to educating them in the spirit of patriotism. Every soldier and sergeant, officer and general, all personnel must have a strong national spirit and a sense of pride. The national spirit is an invincible force. When the national spirit is strong, there will be a strong will, high combat potential. Where do our children, who dream of becoming military, get their national spirit? How does the feeling of responsibility for the fate of our sacred Motherland form? In the rich history of our Motherland, in the courage of such great ancestors as Amir Temur. In their family, parents, trust, care and attention of our people. In you, truly selfless military, always serving as an example and model for youth, – the President said.

The Head of the state noted that much remains to be done in the sphere, the priority task remains to improve the work of military-administrative sectors. He emphasized the need for further enhancing interaction between authorities and administrations at all levels, makhallas, youth, women and older people, education institutions, the general public.

– The closer to people the national army, the military personnel are, the stronger their unity, the stronger they are, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

At the ceremony, it was noted that a group of military personnel and officers, who had served adequately for many years in the ranks of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies, would be given the rank of general.

– Becoming a general is the dream of every military personnel. I sincerely congratulate you on being honored with this high title. However, it should always be remembered that there is an even higher level and reward in the military and public service. It is an honor to be honored with the trust of people and the Motherland, to preserve loyalty to the sacred duty forever, – said the Head of the state.

The President solemnly presented state awards to a group of military personnel and law enforcement officers.

The awarded expressed their gratitude to the Head of the state for the high recognition of their merits and the support rendered to the military personnel and their families.

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