Protection of intellectual property objects discussed

12.10.2020 16:14

On October 12, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a meeting on measures to improve the system for protecting intellectual property objects.

In the process of developing science and innovations, transformation of their achievements into a product with high added value, it is important to ensure reliable protection of intellectual property. Products with brand status are highly valued in the world market. Intellectual property accounts for 45 percent of gross domestic product in Europe, 12 percent of GDP in China and 7 percent in Russia.
Unfortunately, in this regard, Uzbekistan lags behind world achievements. Neither the relevant agencies, nor the heads of the regions paid attention to the issue of intellectual property. As a result, there was a “leak” of scientists-inventors and representatives of creative professions. In such conditions, domestic scientific institutions are not able to effectively create innovations, and industries are not able to create demanded developments and brands.
And even in the case of the creation of promising inventions, rationalization models, industrial designs, applications for their registration are filed in many cases only in order to accelerate the defense of scientific work. The current requirements for the registration procedure are also outdated.
Issues of improving legislation in this sphere, strengthening the protection of intellectual property objects, introducing scientific achievements in each agency and industry were discussed at the meeting.
The Ministry of Justice and the Intellectual Property Agency were instructed to develop a three-year program for the development of the sphere, organizing its broad discussion with participation of all agencies and regions, universities and research institutions. The necessity of introducing a system of benefits, stimulating authors of intellectual property, remuneration of patent holders was emphasized.
In Uzbekistan, about 4.5 thousand intellectual property objects are registered annually, including more than 2 thousand trademarks. For example, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Complex has registered 35 inventions over the past ten years, the economic effect of 16 of which amounted to more than 400 billion UZS. Currently, negotiations are underway to implement these technologies to foreign gold mining enterprises.
However, such developments are registered abroad, and not in Uzbekistan, because of inappropriate cost assessment system. As a result, many inventions remain uncommercialized.
In this regard, the importance of establishing a system for training appraisers together with specialists from the World Intellectual Property Organization was noted.
It was instructed to create a platform for industrial patents in the first quarter of the next year, which will host intellectual property objects of industries, as well as form a database on the intellectual property of enterprises and higher education institutions.
Last year, about 400 inventions, 110 utility models, 170 industrial designs, 36 selection achievements were registered in the country, but only 43 scientific developments were commercialized. Therefore, it is advisable to hold e-fairs of scientific achievements.
“It is necessary to ensure cooperation between patent owners and entrepreneurs”, the President noted.
The Head of the state paid special attention to the issue of international registration of local trademarks.
Today, only 72 domestic brands have passed such registration. There is every opportunity to increase this figure.
Such recognizable products as Chust knives, Samarkand flat bread, Margilan adras, Sherabad pomegranate, Altyaryk and Parkent grapes, Khorezm melons, Surkhandarya persimmon can be registered as territorial brands and actively promoted on the international market.
The Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade has been instructed to expand the international registration of local brands and support their entry into the global market.
It is planned to organize trainings for entrepreneurs on creation and protection of intellectual property at Tashkent State University of Law and law faculties of regional higher education institutions.
The need was noted for developing a program and an e-platform for branding the products of entrepreneurs, holding brand fairs in the regions.
“Uzbekistan products should enter the world market. Only branded products are able to take their rightful place in the foreign market”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
It was noted that the practice of registration by individual entrepreneurs of trademarks identical to well-known international brands impedes the flow of foreign investments. Instructions were given for streamlining activities in this direction.
Another problem is the commercial use of works of art and literature without the consent of the author.
For example, online cinemas operating in Uzbekistan, which charge a fee for viewing by subscription, have posted more than 30,000 films, TV series, clips and cartoons, but the authors do not receive any deductions.
The Agency for Information and Mass Communications and the Intellectual Property Agency were instructed to study entertainment websites, radio and TV channels registered in the country, to ensure the interests of authors.
“If we strengthen the protection of intellectual property, this will also serve as a solid foundation for the third Renaissance”, the President noted.
Responsible persons provided information on the issues discussed at the meeting.

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