18.10.2019 14:22

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the activities of Surkhandarya regional department of the Scientific Practical Research Center “Oila” (Family).

The three-story building put into operation last year housed the regional and city centers Oila, a library, training rooms, a reception room for citizens, as well as regional branches of Soglom Avlod Uchun international charitable foundation, the non-governmental non-profit organization Barqaror Khayot, and others public organizations, representative office of the Ombudsman. Special training courses are organized at the center.

About 600 thousand families live in the region, including more than 149 thousand young families. The employees of the center pay special attention to the approval of the conceptual idea “Healthy family – healthy society”, prevention of divorces. Research is underway on family relationship and problems.



The Head of the state noted the need for correctly explaining family values to the young generation, implementing the results of research on contemporary family problems, and increasing the knowledge of specialists working with women. Recommendations were given on preserving national customs, explaining the reasons for the emergence of ideas and rituals alien to our society, and protecting the youth’s consciousness from such an impact.



Information was provided on the ongoing work by the Scientific Practical Research Center “Oila” under the Cabinet of Ministers on public appeals and on professional retraining of women.

Thereupon, the President completed the two-day trip to Surkhandarya and departed for Tashkent.

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