17.10.2019 15:53

Under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, special attention is paid to the issues of development of the system of preschool education, qualitative preparation of children for school. Modern kindergartens are being built on the basis of public-private partnerships in order to expand the coverage of children with local pre-school education.

If last year 11.6 percent of children at the age of 3-7 were brought up in 288 preschool education institutions in Surkhandarya region, then currently 355 state and 177 non-state kindergartens enrolled 24.3 percent of the total number of children in the region. By the end of the year, it is planned to bring this indicator to 32.3 percent and cover 74 thousand boys and girls with modern kindergartens.

Mehnat Farovon Khayot farm organized a non-governmental PEI Smart Kids with 150 seats in the Bogi Eram makhalla of Denau district. A kindergarten with a focus on teaching foreign languages, including English, Russian and Korean, teaches children in five groups. In addition, sports sections, music and art clubs are operating.

Mainly children of military personnel from a nearby military town, as well as children of the local makhalla, are brought up in the preschool education institution. 14 out of the 22 hired educators are spouses of military personnel.

The Head of the state got acquainted with conditions created in the kindergarten, talked with teachers. Children told the President a poem about the Five Initiatives. The Head of the state handed gifts to children of the kindergarten.

The President noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the harmonious development of children, as well as to widely cover the good work of the entrepreneur who built the kindergarten.

“The fact that entrepreneurs are building kindergartens, understanding the situation in the sphere, is a help for our policy”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. – Such kindergartens will focus on raising a child and compete with state kindergartens.

Presentation of mobile and modular kindergartens developed by the Ministry of Preschool Education and Uzavtosanoat JSC took place here.


As it is known, the construction of kindergartens in inaccessible and remote areas with a small number of residents does not justify itself. The solution to this issue is seen in mobile forms of kindergartens. Isuzu buses converted into a children’s room were presented. This mobile kindergarten, called Aqlvoy, will travel to remote areas and organize activities for children. Special parking lots – playgrounds with an area of 2 acres will be built for mobile kindergartens. All this will allow children to receive education in conditions close to traditional kindergartens.


Modular kindergartens assembled from sea containers will be able to serve up to 90 children. From the outside they will be covered with heat-insulating and frost-resistant materials. All modern conditions will be created inside, not inferior to ordinary kindergartens.

Responsible persons were given instructions on the widespread introduction of new projects into the system of preschool education, as well as on bringing the coverage of children in kindergartens up to 50 percent next year.

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