President: Cluster and financial incentive – future of agriculture in Uzbekistan

13.10.2020 16:21

The Head of the state visited Nurafshon Orzu Bustoni farm in Oqoltin district and inspected the cotton harvest.

The burst of Sardoba Reservoir caused great damage to agricultural land. In particular, about 20 thousand hectares of cultivated land in Sardoba, Mirzaabad and Oqoltin districts were under water.
Water pumped out by portable pumps to save crops, cultivation and tilling activities were carried out. Fields were cleared and re-sown where this was not possible. Thanks to this hard work the cotton crop was grown.
Nurafshon Orzu Bustoni farm is a partner of Oqoltin cotton and textile cluster.
A conversation was held with cluster managers and farmers. The importance of creating a value chain by processing cotton and converting raw materials into a finished product was noted.
“Cluster and material incentive are the future of agriculture in Uzbekistan. This industry will not be able to become competitive without introduction of science and innovation”, said the President.
Information was provided on projects to be implemented by this cluster in 2021-2022. In particular, it is planned to implement projects for processing 30 thousand tons of cotton seeds and 50 thousand tons of grain per year worth and .8 million, respectively, in Oqoltin district.

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