President becomes acquainted with construction projects

26.10.2020 14:28

On October 26, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with design projects of a number of facilities to emerge around the country.

In recent years, the scale of construction works in Uzbekistan has expanded considerably. Residential quarters are being erected to meet one of the most pressing needs of people. In particular, more than 12 thousand houses are being built this year in rural areas and over 18 thousand apartment blocks in cities.
Following the emergency incident at Sardoba reservoir, 86 five-storey houses were erected within a short period of time in Sardoba and Mirzaabad districts of Syrdarya region.
The Head of the state instructed responsible officials to finalize the housing projects taking into account the accumulated experience and ensure the availability of homes for the population.
Accordingly, the project of five-storey buildings was revised with optimization in the layout of apartments and the area of rooms as well as the volume of building materials used. Lamps with motion sensors will be installed in yards and entrances. Thanks to these and other measures, housing prices would decrease by an average of 30 percent.
The President approved the project and stressed the need to build such houses in all densely-populated districts of the country.
One of the projects provides for the construction of a modern educational and practical complex in the campus of Tashkent State Technical University.
As world practice shows, research institutions are located at universities. The mentioned complex will also be a research center for 36 thousand students and more than 2 thousand faculty of the nearby Tashkent State Technical University, the National University of Uzbekistan and the Turin Polytechnic University. It will be possible to accommodate simultaneously 500 start-up residents and 120 manufacturing enterprises.
The President was also briefed about a set of measures to improve the provision of Tashkent city residents with food products at affordable prices.
During a trip to Karakalpakstan on October 2 this year, the Head of the state gave instructions on landscaping the city of Nukus, the expansion of conditions for recreation of the locals. For this purpose, a promising project for the central part of Nukus has been developed. In particular, it is planned to expand and green the streets, create lakes and parks, locate numerous retail outlets and consumer service centers.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with these projects and gave a number of instructions for their improvement.

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