Post-pandemic world

12.10.2020 19:11

The 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit on this theme took place via videoconference.

The event was attended by high-ranking state and public figures from 45 countries, such as the United States, Austria, Belgium, France, Turkey, Slovenia, China, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia, current and former heads of government, members of parliament, ministers, chairmen of international organizations, ambassadors, leading scientists and experts.
The conference was divided into sessions on global politics, world economy and energy, peace and security, and speakers’ presentations were broadcast on the Internet and on national and international channels of Turkey and other foreign countries for two days.
At the opening ceremony of the summit, Marmara Group Foundation President Dr. Akkan Suver called on representatives of all countries to unite the efforts of states and international organizations in the fight against the global pandemic, further strengthen cooperation in mutually beneficial areas, promptly eliminate the negative consequences of global crisis and strive to achieve a level of global development.
Executive Director of the Development Strategy Center Eldor Tulyakov attended the conference on behalf of Uzbekistan as the main speaker. He provided detailed information on the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan and effective measures taken to combat coronavirus, regional and international cooperation.
International experts agreed to exchange experience and views on addressing the consequences of economic crisis and other issues.
Proposals and recommendations were developed on the discussed issues.

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