01.01.2019 10:34

Dear compatriots!

Dear friends!

In these exciting moments, our homeland is entering the new year – 2019.

I sincerely congratulate you, all the multinational people of our country on New Year!

I wish you peace and prosperity, health and family happiness!

Dear compatriots!

Thanks to selfless service of our people a lot of work has been done in all spheres in 2018.

New enterprises are created, residential houses, roads and bridges, healthcare, education, culture and sports facilities are built.

We have made new, historical steps to further strengthening friendship and cooperation with foreign countries, primarily with our neighbors, enhancing the authority of Uzbekistan in the international arena.

Today, every person and family, every labor collective on their own example feel the results of these reforms. Most importantly, people’s confidence in the future is growing.

In short, 2018 became a year of great changes and left a bright mark in the history of our country. Therefore, we bid farewell to this year with a sense of gratitude and satisfaction.

Dear friends!

We proclaimed 2019 as the Year of Active Investments and Social Development.

Active investment policy will open up new opportunities for the country. And social development will serve to further improvement of the level and quality of people’s life.

In the new year, we will continue to strengthen peace and tranquility, interethnic and civil harmony in society. We will continue our work on expanding dialogue with people. We will take effective measures for supporting entrepreneurship and private property.

The most important task for us will remain the further improvement of our country.

We will strengthen activities on improving the wellbeing of the population, social protection of low-income families and all those who need support. We will continue to focus on caring for our esteemed veterans, women and youth.

On this wonderful evening, we congratulate all the countries and people, our foreign friends and partners with the kindest wishes.

Dear compatriots!

May all our good dreams and hopes come true in the New Year!

May our children and grandchildren be happy!

May peace and prosperity always reign in our country!

Happy New Year, my dear compatriots!

Shavkat Mirziyoyev,
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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