Kazakhstan hosts International Forum “Al-Farabi and the spiritual traditions of the Turkic peoples”

06.04.2022 10:14

ALMATY, April 6. /“Dunyo” IA/. At the invitation of the Al-Farabi Center at the Kazakh National University, Consul General of Uzbekistan Abror Fatkhullayev took part in the International Forum “Al-Farabi and the spiritual traditions of the Turkic peoples”, reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.

The event was attended by specialists in the field of Farabian studies from Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The current aspects of modern Farabian studies, issues of translation of Al-Farabi’s philosophical treatises, intercultural communication, and modern interpretation of a perfect society were discussed at the event.

Head of the diplomatic mission noted the importance of Al-Farabi’s scientific heritage for bringing together different cultures, maintaining peace and stability, the relevance of his philosophical views in the context of the creation of a rule of law and civil society, the establishment of the principles of consent and consensus at the global level, as well as the scientist’s contribution to the development Islamic and world civilization.

Professor of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, our compatriot Dilshod Achilov delivered a speech on “Creative thinking in Islam”.

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