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Okil SALIMOV, Academician

The French philosopher Rene Descartes once said: "I think, therefore I exist." After all, in this enlightened world, only a human has the ability to think, to live by reason. This is a great blessing that God has bestowed on the human race. He builds his life within the framework of the mind, spends his life thinking, and therefore lives a happy life. The meaning of a person's life is directly determined by thinking, reasoning, and the use of reason.

The great scientist Abu Nasr al-Farabi said: "The essence of man is in the mind, and the essence of the mind is in action." Of course, the mind has no size, volume, weight, color or taste. We can see and know this in the way people interact, in their behavior, in their actions, in the goals for which they live. It is in this process of interaction that we come to the conclusion that this person is intelligent. The level of the mind is connected with goals, surrounded by emotions, feelings. The goal of smart people will be great. After all, they have unparalleled energy and a desire to create great things.


We are not talking about the philosophy of mind for nothing. We are a nation of dreams. We have passionate feelings in our blood, noble feelings, the strength to achieve noble goals. This is a memorable event. Therefore, human society becomes a dream world. And dreams beautifies life. Striving for a dream expands creative possibilities. As a result, a personality is formed that is in the center of attention, recognized by the public, and has won great respect and attention. Then the "miracle of Rebirth" will happen.

Robindranath Tagore writes about the Miracle of Rebirth:

 I woke up. The darkness outside the window disappeared.

 I woke up. Miracle. It's a miracle.

Uzbekistan is going through such a big transformation today. The psychic and spiritual strength of our people, honed in the trials of history, passes to life actions. Before we talk about this, we want to make one more remark. It is obvious that society is brought up by those who live with intelligence, high intellectual potential. When there are many of them, life will flourish and power will be added to the power of the state. There will be universal abundance, a happy life.

The new Uzbekistan, as a society based on great intelligence, broad intellectual potential and modern thinking, is born, develops and flourishes as a modem state in a completely new historical environment. There are specific reasons for this.

Our people have always been hardworking, creative, possessing great creative abilities, living with noble goals and confidently looking to the future. Such a nation is always capable of anything. It can create great future and lay the foundation for a prosperous life, a way of life for future generations.

However, at a time when the process of large-scale reforms is in full swing, there are cases of mental retardation, lack of intelligence, limited thinking. In particular, at a time when new thinking is being decided, the desire for a new life is growing, the need for it is growing.

This was emphasized by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: "We have set ourselves a great goal to lay the foundations of the Third Renaissance in our country, for which we must create an environment and conditions for the education of new Khorezmi, Beruni, Ibn Sino, Ulugbeks, Navoi and Baburs. First of all, the development of education and upbringing, a healthy lifestyle, the development of science and innovation should become the main pillars of our national ideas.

It can be said that efforts to achieve these goals have laid the foundation for a new look of our society. In addition, another important factor that gives confidence in the achievement of intellectual innovations is that the goals of creating the foundations of the Third Renaissance form the basis of the development strategy of the New Uzbekistan.

Indeed, science cannot develop without education. Without the development of science and technology, it is impossible to ensure the development of society. To this end, the President stands for a complete reform of all aspects of continuing education, improving the quality and effectiveness of education. To do this, all the material and moral burden fell on the state itself.

The educational and scientific policy of our state is, in fact, an innovation of the mind, an innovation of intellectual potential. This is a kind of political, spiritual, economic and social innovation for the creators of the future.


 On April 5 of this year, a videoconference was held to analyze the results of reforms in the field of public education. It mentioned a number of shortcomings in this area. Most importantly, a number of measures have been taken to improve the quality and effectiveness of education in secondary schools. In particular, the necessity of creating completely new curricula, the use of modern pedagogical technologies in education was emphasized. It is planned that in the next three to four years, all classroom teachers in schools will teach according to the new methodology. To this end, National training Centers will be established on the basis of advanced training centers in each region to train teachers in new methods. They will attract the most qualified specialists from abroad in the field of exact and natural sciences. A "Coaching group" will be formed in each region, which will improve the qualifications of local school teachers. Coaches are paid up to one hundred percent of their monthly salary. An additional 0 million will be allocated for the implementation of this new system. The Abdulla Avloni Scientific Research Institute will be organized into the Republican National Center of Education and merged into a single system with the Tashkent State Pedagogical University.

The material and technical base of secondary schools will be fundamentally improved. By the beginning of the next academic year, computer classes will be organized in 960 schools, 740 of them will be re-equipped. In total, more than five thousand computer classes will be updated. 200 billion soums will be allocated from the republican budget and the same amount from local budgets. We can say that this is a very big event, a vivid manifestation of the state's attention to education.

When we talk about school education, we begin to look with great hope into our present and future. Because we will never forget the words of Aristotle: "The fate of the motherland is decided by the upbringing of youth." Therefore, none of us, especially parents and we - educators, have the right to be indifferent to the education of young people, at least for a moment.

Speaking of higher education, we do not tire of emphasizing that the future of our country, success in all spheres depends on well-educated, modern-minded, mature professionals in their field and, of course, ideologically prepared, true patriots, people who value their nation.

Higher education should fulfill just such a high task. On March 4 of this year, a videoconference was held on the priorities of employment university students.

In recent years, the process of poverty reduction and social protection of the poor has been in full swing in our country. Special attention to low-income students studying in higher educational institutions, their transformation into active citizens of society has become a new direction of state social policy.

Currently, 820,000 students are studying at universities. On behalf of the President, the social status of students was studied and it was determined that about 100 thousand people need work and additional income. Among them are 7,500 orphans or disabled students. Another 4,500 boys and girls are included in the "books" on various social benefits.

Measures are being taken to ensure the unity of theory and practice in higher education so that students can engage in socially useful work in their free time. In this case, a low-income student, first of all, will be able to solve some of his social problems. Secondly, productivity is formed as an expert who has deeply studied the field through the acquisition of professional skills.

Depending on the specialization, the practice of employing students in their specialty is justified in all respects. In the system of pedagogical education, both theoretical and practical skills are fixed when working in the specialty of medical students, as well as engineering specialists, agricultural specialists, architects, communications, transport, economics. They develop mental abilities, intellectual abilities. Most importantly, students will increase their love for their chosen profession. They work with great enthusiasm. It is this love and passion that makes a person perfect. It serves as the basis for his formation as a strong-willed, enthusiastic, enterprising person.

When watching the next video conference of the head of our state on problems in the field of education, one moment caught my attention. The President looks at local leaders with great confidence and determination. After all, it is the heads of organizations and institutions who organize the implementation of the state Development Strategy on the ground, bringing it to effective results.

Speaking about the reforms in the field of public education, the President said: "If the leaders and teachers act in accordance with the new Uzbekistan, we will be able to educate our children in accordance with the requirements of the time. Our people entrust us with their greatest wealth - their descendants. This is a huge responsibility. If we feel this, if we torture ourselves and reform the school, we will lay the foundation for the future." There is a certain logic in this statement. We are responsible for the future of the nation. The future is created by our children. He owns her. We will lay the foundation of the future by educating our children, the descendants of our people. The people give their future to the school, the continuer of his life and pedigree. The atmosphere in the school depends on its leader. Each leader creates a unique environment in his organization. At the same time, we need smart, enterprising, responsible and organized leaders.

Speaking about the problems of higher education, the head of our state said: "The university is a big family. The head of this family is the rector. Parents have entrusted you with their greatest wealth, their child. Therefore, rectors should meet with each student personally. He knows the real situation, every month’s reports on the marital status of students, the conditions of how they study, their problems and suggestions, and is personally responsible for this issue," he said. So, the quality and effectiveness of education depends on how the work is organized in each institution, how much it understands the essence of the problem and the level of fulfillment of the tasks assigned to us when solving problems. I think a lot about the personnel who deeply understand this extremely complex, responsible task that requires consistency and constant work.

Recently I read an article in the newspaper "Yangi Uzbekistan" by the rector of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages Ilkhomjon Tukhtasinov. In general, the education system is not alien to me. My relations with universities are strong. In particular, I am well aware of the activities of a number of universities in Samarkand. After reading this article, we realized once again that responsibility, the ability to perform the task in a timely and high-quality manner, extensive use of internal resources, the ability to direct organizational work in difficult conditions toward the goal, first of all, everything depends on the head of each organization. While working, I talked to Tukhtasinov himself. I saw in his image a leader whose thoughts were clear, passionate, enthusiastic and courageous. We have a saying among our people: "Who wants to work, he is looking for opportunities, who does not want, he is looking for excuses." A true leader is not afraid of responsibility, he is looking for opportunities.

After a videoconference on the priorities of student employment in higher educational institutions, the Employment Center of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages conducted an interfaculty survey and identified 843 students in need of work due to social pressure. Within a month, 200 students in need of social protection were employed at the vacancies of the Institute, various educational and language centers, and educational institutions. Employment plans have been developed for the remaining 643 students in need. They are planned to employed in the  language centers and branches of the Institute in the Narpay and Payarik regions. It is stated that 150 students will be employed by attracting students with language proficiency of at least В2 and С1 to teaching activities.

Due to the internal resources of the Institute, it is planned to provide students with available free premises for organizing paid advanced training courses, various circles, information technology courses, sports, sewing and various other services, thus employing 40 more students.

It is noteworthy that the institute currently cooperates with about 100 prestigious foreign universities. Cooperation has been established with a number of educational institutions in Germany in order to provide students with jobs, study foreign experience, and master advanced technologies in the most developed countries.

In particular, in order to ensure the employment of students, an agreement was reached with the German employment agencies The Simson Private Academy and Globalconsalt on the recruitment of young graduates with knowledge of the German language at the international level not lower than B1, and then on their employment. Fortunately, our German partners offered to train for 3 months, pay for travel, accommodation and 3 meals a day, as well as a monthly salary in the region of 1000-1800 euros.

At a meeting on March 29 with representatives of The Simson Private Academy, the Thuringia Regional Agency for the Selection of Skilled Workers and the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, an  agreement was reached to  establish a professional retraining center and a memorandum of cooperation was signed.

As part of the partnership, graduates with а В1 degree in German will complete an initial six-month internship in various fields at reputable German firms. As a dual education, graduates simultaneously master the profession and master the German language perfectly. This will allow graduates to continue their careers in the future in accordance with international standards. Our thoughts on the example of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages are just a drop in the ocean. We mean increasing the effectiveness of efforts to achieve great goals.

Therefore, we must always remember that studying the experience of developed foreign countries, training personnel at the level of the requirements of modem civilization is the mainstay of our great future. Economic and social development is ensured by strong, educated, loving their nation and conscientious personnel. As the head of our state noted, only high intellectual potential and great intellectual abilities will strengthen the position of the new Uzbekistan in the world community. This opens the way for him to join the ranks of the most developed countries. So, the innovations of the mind, th innovations of thinking and knowledge are the basis of all our achievements.

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