Honoring the Memory of the First President – Respect for History

02.09.2022 22:15

On September 2, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Scientific and Enlightenment Memorial Complex named after Islam Karimov and laid flowers at the monument to the First President.

Thirty-one years ago, Islam Karimov proclaimed the national independence of our country. This restored our statehood, our rights and freedoms, and became the foundation of all our successes and achievements. Therefore, honoring the memory of the First President is respect for history.

The merits of Islam Karimov to the country and people were mentioned at the event. Surahs from the Quran were recited.

The Head of the state noted that it is necessary to always honor and remember mentors with a kind word, setting an example for the younger generation.

Representatives of the Oliy Majlis, the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries and agencies, the public of the capital also laid flowers at the monument to the First President.

Ceremonies have also taken place in Samarkand and Karshi.


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