Hideki Mori: Poverty reduction is the area where collective efforts are needed

26.01.2020 14:23

TASHKENT, January 25. /“Dunyo” IA/. World Bank Country Manager for Uzbekistan Hideki Mori following the Address of the President of Uzbekistan to OliyMajlis spoke about highlights that are important for bilateral cooperation.

“I think it was an impressive speech that touched on various important topics. It was important for us as the World Bank to hear to commitment to elimination of state procurement system of cotton. Because this linked to forced labor issues, the bold decision will change Uzbekistan completely.

State registration is the next issue. I think it is very important to give people mobility to be able to choose where to work and where to live. I know these two issues for a long time remained challenging and I would like to commend PresidntMirziyoyev for taking it forward.

Lastly, World Bank along with UNDP and other counter partners are looking forward to reduce poverty level in Uzbekistan. This the area where we have to work all together,” ensured the Country Manager.

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