Easing lockdown restrictions requires increased personal responsibility

17.08.2020 19:04
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev holds a meeting on measures to create decent conditions for citizens of Uzbekistan working abroad and systemic work with them.


The situation related to the pandemic in the country was analyzed.
It was noted that the number of people who recovered from the disease increased significantly as a result of a sharp increase in work to counter the coronavirus in July and August. In particular, those who recovered over the past 5 days increased from 77 to 87 percent. The number of people receiving treatment dropped from 7 thousand to 4 thousand.
This is undoubtedly thanks to the selfless work of our doctors.
“I repeat again: the health and life of every citizen is very important for us. We are doing everything possible to protect our people from the threat of coronavirus, we are introducing the world’s most advanced treatment experience”, the Head of the state said.

It was noted that about 40 highly qualified specialists from Russia and 10 from China have arrived in Uzbekistan, they will visit regions and begin to treat patients and train doctors using the most effective methods.
The President emphasized that in order to make life easier for people, taking into account citizens’ appeals, lockdown restrictions have been softened, but at the same time the risk of the spread of the virus will significantly increase due to the greater presence of people in public places.
With this in mind, the task was set to explain the importance of maintaining vigilance and caution, strict adherence to established requirements to protect yourself and your families from the virus, as well as provide practical assistance and maintain control.
“Iron discipline must remain the primary rule for all of us. Everyone in enterprises, organizations, agriculture and construction sites, transport and public places must also strictly adhere to these requirements”, the President said.
It was determined that khokims, heads of sectors, healthcare systems, makhallas, internal affairs and others bear personal responsibility in relevant regions and spheres for the situation related to the pandemic.


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