Current issues in cotton growing considered

28.07.2022 18:07

On July 27, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a meeting on the current issues in cotton growing.

The industry has a special place in agriculture and employment. Therefore, at the initiative of the President, a cluster system was introduced in cotton growing. About 350 large factories were put into operation. Five years ago, only 40 percent of domestic cotton fiber was processed in the country, today this figure is 100 percent.

Climate change in recent years poses new challenges for cotton growing. In particular, such abnormally high temperatures as this summer have not been observed before. In the daytime, the thermometer stays above 43 degrees. The temperature at night also exceeds the norm.

This is an emergency for the cotton industry. However, it is necessary to mobilize all the possibilities and save the harvest. To do this, seed production, variety selection, fertilization, irrigation and pest control must be carried out based on scientific approaches.

In this sense, the creation of the Council for Cotton Growing by the resolution of the Head of the state “On additional organizational measures to increase the yield of cotton, introduce science and innovation in the cultivation of cotton” was very useful.

At the meeting, the Minister of Innovative Development, Chairman of the Council for Cotton Growing I. Abdurakhmonov reported on the ongoing work.

It was noted that the members of the council, together with scientists and specialists, studied the situation with departure to Quyichirchiq, Sayhunabad, Navbakhor, Narpay, Vabkent and Karakul districts. It was found that the norm for planting density of seedlings in cotton fields was exceeded by 35-40 percent. In some fields, there is almost no crop in the upper part of the cotton stalks, only 2-3 bolls have formed in the lower part. Pests and diseases have also increased.

At the meeting, recommendations and instructions for caring for cotton and ensuring yields in such a situation were announced. 30 days of action have been announced for their implementation in all regions.

The need for visiting cluster fields and farmers by specialists to explain scientific solutions and innovations was emphasized.

“We must act, taking into account that climate change will have a negative impact in the future. A scientific approach to this issue is needed”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Hokims of the region reported on the measures to be taken in the days of action.


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