24.10.2019 10:36

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has got acquainted with the construction progress of Sergeli line of the Tashkent Metro.

Being built in accordance with the 29 November 2016 decree of the head of state, the line is designed to become an important transport and communication artery of Tashkent. The project cost is 82.6 million dollars; it is planned to lay 7 kilometers of tracks and erect 6 stations. The Sergeli branch will connect to the Olmazor metro station of the Chilanzar line to link the densely populated Sergeli district with downtown Tashkent and other areas of the capital city. A passenger leaving from Sergeli by metro can get to the Buyuk Ipak Yuli station without changes.


The head of our state watched the progress of construction works at the Olmazor station. The President stressed the extraordinary importance of this line, given the mounting development pace of the Sergeli district and housing construction, and inquired into what conditions will be created for commuters.



Shavkat Mirziyoyev also visited the Yashnabad district, where he was familiarized with the construction of the ring line of the aboveground metro.



The cost of this transport network with a length of almost 55 kilometers is estimated at more than 442 million dollars. The project is implemented in five stages. Currently, as part of the first phase, an 11-kilometer elevated metro line is being laid from the Dustlik station to the Kuyluk marketplace. The line envisages building of 7 stations. The construction of Dustlik-2 and Ohangaron stations has been complete.


The head of state made a trip between these stations on a new rolling stock, got acquainted with the conditions delivered at the stations. They are equipped with the latest technology, turnstiles with the possibility of contactless payment for travel, escalators.



In the remaining segment to the Kuyluk bazaar, the installation of load-bearing supports was complete, while setting up of beams and the construction of stations continued.


At the second stage of the project, it is planned to link the Kuyluk market with the Olmazor station, then the line will continue to the Beruni station, and from there – to the Bodomzor station. At the final stage, the line closes at Dustlik station and forms a ring.



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