Chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference passes to Uzbekistan

21.02.2022 10:46

BRUSSELS, February 21. /“Dunyo” IA/. Brussels hosted a virtual meeting of the Energy Charter Strategy Group 2022, reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.

It was attended by Secretary-General Guy Lentz, representatives of the Secretariat and member countries of the organization.

The summary report of the Strategy Group meeting of September 13, 2021, Mongolia’s priorities under the Energy Charter Presidency in 2022, CONEXO (Consolidation, Expansion and Outreach) policy documents and other issues were considered at the event.

Secretary-General Guy Lentz noted the need for intensifying the activities of the organization against the background of the transformation of the energy sector, in particular, improving the efficiency of decision-making, thorough preparation for meetings of subsidiary bodies. The importance of accelerating the process of completing the main documents providing for the revision of the CONEXO policy was emphasized.

Uzbekistan ratified the Energy Charter in 1995, the document entered into force for the country in April 1998. In 2023, the chairmanship of the organization passes to Uzbekistan.

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