At the session of Fergana Regional Council of People’s Deputies, priority areas for the development of Fergana region identified

05.02.2021 10:53

TASHKENT, February 5. /“Dunyo” IA/. The President of Uzbekistan took part in the session of Fergana Regional Council of People’s Deputies, tasks were determined to ensure employment and improve the living conditions of the population, reports “Dunyo” IA correspondent.

According to the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, management offices will be created in each of the 76 sectors of the region, consisting of qualified employees of the economic complex, to develop cities and districts in the context of mahallas.

Together with the bank workers assigned to the mahalla, they will study local conditions, form and help in the implementation of projects. If necessary, the unemployed population, including youth and women, will be trained in professions.

It was noted that 949 investment projects worth 17 trillion soums will be implemented in Fergana region in 2021-2022. Drivers are the chemical, textile, leather, footwear, building materials and electrical industries.

Three projects worth 7 million will be implemented in Ferganaazot JSC, and 14 projects worth 4 million in the textile sector.

Due to the limited land resources in the region, it is planned to develop 33 thousand hectares of the steppe, pasture and hilly lands. 110 billion out of 350 billion soums allocated for these purposes, will be subsidized.

Measures for the development of the social sphere and infrastructure have been identified. It was noted that this year it is planned to build 105 multi-storey buildings in 11 locations of the region. The task was set to repair 503 kilometers of roads at the expense of 312 billion soums from centralized sources.

An instruction was given to effectively use the potential of the newly created Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health, to conduct targeted medical examinations and consultations, to organize 16 family medical centers and family polyclinics.

The President paid special attention to the issues of youth and women's employment.

The task was set to organize this year youth zones of industry and business in 19 districts and cities of Fergana region, to train more than 8 thousand unemployed in entrepreneurship and professions within the framework of the project “Youth: 1+1”. The importance of assisting women in starting their own business and making a down payment for purchasing a home, as well as preventing divorce was emphasized.

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