Andijan launches a technopark

22.05.2020 10:39

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the Digital City technopark in the city of Andijan.

The complex, construction of which was recently completed on an area of 5.6 hectares, is aimed at supporting projects in information technologies and innovation, promoting the export of software products. Currently, 328 specialists from districts are involved here.
During the conversation with youth, the Head of the state urged them to constantly learn and discover new things.
“You have chosen the very right path. This is a multifaceted and promising sphere. You must be 10-15 years ahead of others. By creating software products in the most relevant areas, providing digital services to our people and foreign customers, you can benefit both your family and society”, the President said.

The technopark has wide amenities for young people, entrepreneurs and citizens who want to learn new professions. In particular, there is a coworking center, a data center, a conference hall, a library, innovative laboratories and classes, a business incubator, a media center, and an e-sports room.
Basic information technology courses will be held in the districts. Young people will intensively study English in Digital City and prepare to provide IT services. A hall for 76 students in the technology park will give an opportunity to educate more than 2 thousand people a year.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions to improve conditions by building a dormitory and a dining room in the complex, organizing similar technology parks in other regions of the country.
Information was provided on youth employment efforts and preparation of school graduates for the freelance market.
The Head of the state gave instructions on targeted work with young people who did not enter higher education institutions, the study of their interests and abilities, their professional orientation.


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