11.12.2018 10:50

On December 10, an international multimedia forum on “Projects for preservation and study of Uzbekistan’s national heritage. The results of 2018. Roadmap for 2019” kicked off in Tashkent.

The international forum, organized by the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan, was attended by scientists from countries such as the USA, Russia, Germany, Japan, India, the Czech Republic, Poland, representatives of international organizations, the diplomatic corps, and experts.

At the beginning of the forum, a permanent exhibition of the project “Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan in Collections of the World” was opened. It presents 13 volumes of the edition “Architectural epigraphy of Uzbekistan”, a 10-volume collection of the edition “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the Collections of the World”, facsimile copies of the manuscripts “Quran Katta Langar”, “Divan-i Husayni”, “Zafar-name”, “Miraj-name”, “The Code of Temur”, “The Garden of Purity”.

These exhibits are important for the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. Especially the “Quran Katta Langar” is distinguished by its value and antiquity. According to the information, this manuscript was created in the middle of the 8th century in kufic script. The largest part (81 pages) of the “Quran Katta Langar” is stored at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 16 pages in Tashkent, Bukhara and Kashkadarya regions.

Many manuscripts related to the cultural and spiritual heritage of Uzbekistan are also stored in libraries and museums in cities such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London, Paris, Venice, Berlin, Tehran, and Istanbul. The work on the study of this historical heritage, its discovery is being implemented within the framework of the media project “Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan in the Collections of the World”. 

Next year such volumes of the media project as “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the museums of the United Kingdom”, “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the museums of Poland”, “The State Hermitage Museum. Part 3”, “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the museums of India” will be prepared for publication. 

At the session of the international forum, with participation of representatives of ministries and agencies of Uzbekistan, international organizations, scientists, and experts, issues of preservation and promotion of historical and cultural heritage of Samarkand were discussed.

On the same day, the 10th National Festival of Social Media Products was held.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Abdukhakimov addressed the forum.

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