The Miraki Tourist Center is waiting for its investors!

21.02.2024 02:18

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Uzbekistan. In recent years, the industry has been radically reformed, bans and restrictions have been lifted, a number of permit requirements have been canceled, preferential financing and tax incentives have been introduced. Thanks to these measures, private investments have become widely involved in the tourism sector – hotels are being built everywhere, guest houses are opening, no one is surprised by the halls of cafes and restaurants full of tourists.

Despite the results achieved – and this is over 6.1 million foreign tourists alone in 2023, the number of tourism projects under implementation in the country is consistently increasing. The main reason is the high profitability of projects against the background of minimal investments and operating expenses. In this context, a lot of work is being done in our country to find new, promising projects that will be of interest to both domestic and foreign investors.

Another promising project with a short turnaround time and high profitability, as well as the possibility of further expansion, is the Miraki Tourist Center, located on 246 hectares of the Shakhrisabz district of Kashkadarya region.

For reference: the total area of land allocated for investment lots is 205 hectares. It is planned to renovate the territory of 56 hectares, improve 111 km of engineering networks. The total number of investment lots is more than 30. The projects include the construction of a hotel, boutique hotels, a greenhouse complex, a winery with guest houses, a botanical garden, a sanatorium, an aquapark, a handicraft center, cafes and restaurants, viewports with an amphitheater and console, a museum and entertainment center, a children's and entertainment and wellness center, summer and country houses among other facilities.

The history of Shakhrisabz attracts tourists from all over the world. The city is located 80 kilometers south of Samarkand, behind the high-altitude Takhta-Karacha pass. No matter what time you go to this ancient city, it appears to travelers as a huge green garden. Shakhrisabz is already 2,700 years old, at one time the city was the capital of the ancient state of Sogd, and its fame as a center of culture, trade and crafts spread far beyond the borders of the state. Amir Temur was born in these places, who made Shakhrisabz his residence and built the Ak-Sarai Palace. The historical center of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most famous are the Ak-sarai Palace, the Dor-ut Tilovat memorial complex, the Kuk-Gumbaz mosque, the mausoleums of Dor-us Saodat, Shamsad-Din Kulyala, Gumbazi-Saidon.

Among the Shahrisabz crafts, carpet weaving, fine embroidery, and the production of skullcaps are the most famous. Handicrafts here have a thousand-year history, and the products of local craftsmen have won many times at various international exhibitions and festivals.

Investment projects are designed for initiators who carry out activities or intend to engage in the tourism business.

It is important to note that during the implementation of the tourism project, the benefits and preferences specified in the presidential resolution #PP-238 of July 27, 2023 "On measures to further accelerate reforms and effective organization of the public administration system in the field of tourism" and #PP-3594 "On additional measures to stimulate the attraction of direct private foreign investment" as well as other regulatory acts in the field of tourism are applied.

If you have any questions, you can contact Allaberdiev Golib, Deputy Head of the Tourism Department of Kashkadarya region by phone at at +998-90-441-52-08 or +998-75-612-39-31 and by

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