Asaka Bank – Most Active Issuing Bank in Uzbekistan

07.06.2020 09:49

EBRD recognized Asaka Bank as the Most Active Issuing Bank in Uzbekistan within the framework of Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP).

EBRD TFP Awards recognise successful partner banks from three continents. Asaka Bank became the most active issuing bank in the country in 2019.
Asaka Bank joined EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme in September 2019. Despite such a short period of participation in this program, in 2019, Asaka Bank managed to show its full potential in implementing trade transactions with participation of EBRD financing throughout the country, which was highly appreciated by EBRD and the bank was awarded the Most Active Issuing Bank in Uzbekistan award.
Asaka Bank is an active participant in trade finance with an annual trade finance volume of more than newscat="economy".0 billion. In this area, Asaka Bank cooperates with leading global financial institutions and banks such as JPMorgan Chase Bank, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, SMBC, Commerzbank AG, the Export-Import Bank of Korea, Natixis Bank, Gazprombank, VTB Bank, Oddo BHF, RBI and others.

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