Tashkent to host Turkish World Documentary Film Festival

07.08.2020 17:45

On October 22-24, 2020, Tashkent will host Turkish World Documentary Film Festival, organized by the Turkish World Journalists Federation jointly with Foundation for Culture, Art and Cinema of Turkish World. 

According to Uzbekkino National Agency, the festival will bring together cinematographers from all over the Turkic world to meet, exchange ideas and views. The event will be attended by Uzbekistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary, Turkish and related communities.
Director General of Uzbekkino National Agency Firdavs Abdukhalikov became an honorary member of the festival council and a famous film director Rashid Malikov is a jury member.
The festival aims to support documentary filmmakers and contribute to development and expansion of documentary filmmaking.

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