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Thursday, 21 May 2015 13:34
International Conference "The role of trade unions in ensuring citizens' rights to decent working conditions: the experience of Uzbekistan" held in Tashkent on 22-23 April this year, aroused great interest among the public, political and expert circles of foreign countries, and received wide coverage in the local and foreign media.

A high level of expertise activities due authority of its participants - members of both chambers of the Oliy Majlis, representatives of state and public organizations, as well as the delegation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the International Trade Union Confederation, heads of international organizations accredited in Uzbekistan, international experts from Germany, Denmark, Georgia, China, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, France, allowed to discuss the relevance for all states and societies subject. In addition, the conference provided an opportunity to more clearly and effectively inform the world community with the experience of Uzbekistan in the field of protection of the rights of citizens to decent working conditions.

As a result - a wide resonance and international interest in the "Uzbek model" of development, efficiency and effectiveness of one of its fundamental principles - "conducting a strong social policy."

Thus, information about the international conference and its outcome was distributed in the United Nations Headquarters in New York, among the 193 member countries. The community of nations has received detailed information about the basic rights of workers enshrined in the Constitution and laws of our country, fully derived from international standards in this area, special privileges and guarantees to ensure the employment of youth and women, the creation of decent working conditions for employees, providing additional leave for women child care, various surcharges associated with motherhood, and other measures taken in Uzbekistan social support.

At the same time, the materials on the results of the conference were distributed to the 57 member countries, 11 co-operation partners of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the institutions and the OSCE field missions, as well as the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States and countries of the CIS.

The media of foreign countries is also observed great interest and attention to the topic of the international forum in Tashkent.

Thus, the Latvian news portal Baltic News Service (BNS) published an article about the conference. It is noted that the participants were provided with detailed information about the opportunities provided by trade unions of Uzbekistan to carry out their functions to guarantee workers' rights to decent working conditions.

BNS informed that due to the ongoing in our country a strong social policy, effective mechanisms of social protection of labor rights and interests of workers and their families.

"The country has a general agreement between the Government of Uzbekistan, the Council of Federation of Trade Unions and the Chamber of Commerce on socio-economic issues in the years 2014-2016 - said the Latvian news portal. - The document provides for the implementation of measures to ensure the creation of decent working conditions for different categories of workers. On the basis of the Agreement in the country operate 90 branch and 14 regional agreements, directly to enterprises, organizations and institutions - more than 100 thousand collective agreements. All collective bargaining acts specified elements of decent work such as the promotion of formal employment, decent wages, security and safety, legal and social protection of workers, benefits for women and young people, respect for ILO Conventions and other ".

Indian information-analytical portal Sarkaritel and Diplomacy India lead opinions and assessments of foreign representatives of the expert community settled in Uzbekistan constructive social dialogue between the government, unions and employers, which serves to strengthen the social protection of workers. Media noted that our country has accumulated rich experience in the implementation of public control in the sphere of labor, trade unions are given broad powers to ensure that the rights of workers to decent working conditions and their results.

Informing about the results of the conference, Sarkaritel transfers:

"Representatives of international organizations, trade union centers and foreign experts praised the experience of Uzbekistan to guarantee citizens' rights to decent working conditions. In particular, it was stressed that the country has achieved good results in the expansion of employment opportunities and income generation, improvement of social protection and strengthening social dialogue.

It stresses that labor legislation of Uzbekistan fully comply with international labor standards, and a number of indicators even ahead of them. To fully ensure the labor rights of citizens and the right to a decent wage. The enterprises, organizations and institutions on the basis of collective agreements, to be signed between the trade union committees and employers, work is carried out to promote employment, the creation of comfortable and safe working conditions for organized new jobs and ensure the rights of workers to decent working conditions, the provision of additional benefits and guarantees , retraining of personnel".