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Tuesday, 14 June 2016 06:36

Mass media has widely covered information on how students of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent and the Tashkent University of Information Technologies, and later those of other higher educational institutions created robоts. And this job was done during additional and independent studies. Starting with the 2016-2917 academic year, the Beruni Tashkent State Technical University has seriously taken to the solution of the problem and begun to train specialists with the Bachelor’s degree in “mechatronics and robоtics”.


What is the reason behind this decision? Equipment and technologies with programming monitors and micro processing technology are not new concepts. However, with modernization of production and construction of modern enterprises in recent year the sphere of their application has significantly expanded while their functions have grown up to be much more sophisticated.


Take, for example, the GM-Uzbekistan factory in the town of Asaka in Andijon region. Certain sections of production conveyor, specifically those utilizing high-precision welding, humans are replaced with robоts. Laser metal processing lathes and such other automatic program control equipment are used at many manufacturing facilities.


There are plants and factories on the manufacture of household appliances and computers. Modern microwave ovens, automatic washing machines and such other devices are the result of advancement of mechatronics and robоtics.


Moreover, the majority of manufacturing facilities have mastered the so-called “screw-driver assembly”. But since the country has taken to the road of deepening the process of localization of output, the need in designer-specialists capable not only to service the imported equipment and work on ready-made samples but also create original models, has increased significantly.


It’s obvious that the system of higher education had to pay attention to those changes and react somehow.


“Starting with the 2016/2017 academic years we begin to train specialists in mechatronics and robоtics,” says deputy rector of the Tashkent State Technical University Majit Karimov. “Particular attention will be allocated to training specialists ready to elaborate and create automated technical systems in the form of industrial equipment and household appliances.”


The logistical support of the University is going to be consolidated with the installation of training and laboratory equipment, which will help not only create the required hardware but also the software for it.



Attention will be paid also to integration of science, education and practices. The University researchers jointly with other stakeholders will start developing relevant directions of science and implement joint projects on the creation of modern high-technological machinery, and this atmosphere will turn into a “cradle” for future robоtechnicians.