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“Uzbekistan follows the best concept of democracy establishment and development of the country - training of qualified personnel” PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 February 2016 03:29

Uzbekistan’s achievements in the reformation of the education system are highly appreciated by leading international experts.

Correspondent of Jahon Information Agency in Rome has had an interview with Italian universities’ representatives and asked their views on the country’s work done in this direction.

Enrico Mattei, vice rector for research, technology transfer and international relations of Polytechnic University of Turin:

- Measures, taken in Uzbekistan to improve the quality of primary and secondary education, as well as higher education, command respect and interest.

I note that the Turin Polytechnic University is very proud of the fact that it is a partner of Uzbekistan and contributes to the process of preparation of highly qualified personnel.

I am confident that continuing to follow the chosen path, the country will soon be able to reach the highest level of education, taking into account the best international standards.

I believe that research in the field of information and communication technologies conducted in Uzbekistan will allow the country to reach an even higher level of development.

Magda Pedache, professor at Sapienza University of Rome, member of the Council of Interuniversity Research Centre on Sustainable Development (CIRPS):

- The Republic of Uzbekistan follows the best concept of democracy establishment and development of the country - training of a new generation of qualified personnel.

For more than 24 years of independence, your Republic has made significant progress in reforming the education system, aimed at the achievement of national growth, the continuation of the exchange of practices and establishment of new contacts with international research institutes, higher educational institutions of foreign countries.

The progress made in the field of scientific and technological research is also impressive. During my stay in your country from 2007 to 2013, I was able to personally assess the startling successes of Uzbekistan in this field. Many vocational colleges under the universities are equipped with the latest technology, which contributes to the achievement of good results.

I am glad that combining theoretical and practical training, the Uzbek education system is focused on the socio-economic development and methods of teaching and research are aimed at obtaining feedback impact of the integrated system’s effectiveness.

The positive in the process is the republic’s openness to the world in the matter of new forms of cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Jahon Information Agency, Rome