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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 07:57

The Tashkent branch of the Goethe Institute hosted "Open Day" - "Summer begins in Goethe". Within its framework, it passed a series of cultural, educational and recreational activities aimed at familiarizing the public with the activities of the Institute as a whole and each of its departments.

The program was very rich and interesting: study blitz German courses, readings Austrian writer Angelika Agnes Rayttser, bukkrossing (book exchange), a fashion show with the participation of students of the Institute of Arts and Design, video art and the demonstration of short films, a quiz on the results, which identified 10 winners, received prizes, as well as performances of the "Wings of origami".

In addition, guests were able to appreciate the new musical project of United Taklif Band, created by the German composer Moritz Gagernom together with local artists.

The correspondent of IA "Jahon" talked with the guests of the capital of their future creative plans and impressions of our country,

Moritz Gagern - German composer, author of numerous works for theater, music festivals and other projects:

- This is my second visit to Uzbekistan. The first time I was invited here as a composer to work on a musical performance theater Ilkhom. I am happy to cooperate with your musicians. I have a number of creative ideas that are embodied in the present. In particular, here I gathered a group of United Taklif Band, bringing together artists from different regions of your country. In my opinion, it gives our compositions, namely, we recorded 13 of them, additional national color and unique sound that combines a music of East and West. We plan performances, as well as recording a CD. I also hope that we will be able to give concerts in Berlin.

I would like to note that my acquaintance with Uzbek national music took place 6 years ago when I was at a concert at the House of Cultures of the world in Berlin. I was pleasantly impressed by the melodious sound of your instruments and come to the conclusion that I would be interested to work in this genre.

Besides, I like the composer experimenter very intriguing finding new musical solutions and combine seemingly opposite styles. I am convinced that this will become a new word in the music world.

Angelika Agnes Rayttser - Austrian writer:

- I came here at the invitation of the Goethe Institute. This is my first trip not only in your country but also in the Central Asian region as a whole. In this regard, I do here is very interesting and new - culture, traditions, architecture, and of course people.

In Uzbekistan, I present his new book, consisting of two parts, dedicated to the continuity of generations, young people find their place in life, and the relationship between fathers and children. I think these are the eternal themes that never lose their relevance and the issues raised by them close to any reader worldwide.

I am currently working on a very interesting project - I need to adapt my written short historical stories for use in a musical setting. In addition, I work with a young director and I write a text material for his trilogy. These films, two of which have already reached the big screen, is based on a true story, with a very original script.

During my stay in Uzbekistan, I plan to visit the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and Fergana State University. I am confident that my trip will be very useful and fascinating.

IA "Jahon