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V Uzbek-Japanese academic forum PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 April 2015 02:23
At the University of Nagoya held V Uzbek-Japanese academic forum. It was attended by teachers, students and graduate students of Nagoya University, Waseda, Tsukuba, Toyohashi, Nanzan, Ritsumeikan. 


At the event issues of Uzbek-Japanese cooperation in education and exchange of experts were discussed. It was noted that in recent years, higher education institutions in Japan are taking an increasing number of students from Uzbekistan who have high encyclopedic knowledge in all areas of science. 

Participants of the forum on the Japanese side expressed appreciation carried out in our country have a policy to improve the education system, the basic principle of which is continuity of the educational process. It was stressed that Uzbekistan has created all necessary conditions and opportunities for youth to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills development. In the course of studies and practical exercises are widely used advanced educational technology. 

Stated that currently between Uzbekistan and Japan made fruitful cooperation in the fields of education, expanding partnerships of universities of the two countries. 

By the end of event correspondent of IA "Jahon" talked with some of participants. 

Mashita Kiyoshi, Head of Department on education at City Hall of Ichinomiya (Aichi Prefecture): 

- The Japanese side attaches great importance to cooperation with Uzbekistan in the sphere of education. In particular, educational institutions of Aichi Prefecture also established close contacts with universities in your country. 

Uzbekistan has a huge human potential. Today in the republic carried out large-scale measures aimed at the formation of harmoniously developed generation. Uzbek students studying in Japanese universities, demonstrating in-depth knowledge, high-level command of foreign languages. 

We intend to continue to expand cooperation with Uzbek colleagues. 

Seiji Kamiyama, a researcher at the University of Nagoya: 

- Our university has established partnerships with such universities of Uzbekistan, as the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Tashkent State University and Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies. Currently, a number of joint projects are being implemented. 

It is gratifying that your country has created favorable conditions for the acquisition of young contemporary knowledge and professions, sports, in-depth study of foreign languages. All this contributes to the education of the younger generation of physically and intellectually mature personalities. 

IA "Jahon"