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Worthy reward for talents PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 March 2015 12:50
In these days continues accept of applications for participation in the international competition for the jubilee X National Award for Journalism "Oltin Qalam" ("Golden feather"). 

Domestic media have received in the years of independence a powerful incentive for development. Strengthening their role and status contribute adopted in recent years legislation aimed at liberalizing the media, as well as the implementation of the Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country. State assigns the mass media the role of "fourth power", which on one hand is a great honor, and on the other - a large responsibility. After all, now in front of the national press are particularly important and urgent tasks - in its entirety to reflect the scale of large-scale reforms in all areas, accessible and understandable language to explain the essence of public policy, contribute to the deepening of democratization, liberalization and public dialogue on pressing issues, and help change the mindset of compatriots in line with global and local transformations. 

To cope with these tasks, journalists need to have a remarkable arsenal of knowledge about the modern world and the world order. More important to read, watch and listen to, to keep up with all the accelerating pace of life and the flow of information. It is necessary to perfectly understand the intricacies of high technology, which largely guide the work of the media, allow them to always be aware of what is happening and to stay in touch with the audience. However, based on the work of correspondents in every field - Print television, radio and the Internet - was and remains the professional skills, knowledge of word and the ability to convey to the reader the essence of any matter of importance here and now. 

Encourage those to whom it does best, encouraged national award in the field of journalism "Oltin Qalam". It appeared due to special attention to the media sphere in our country in order to promote the best achievements of national and international journalism, manifestations of high civic media workers, formation of critical thinking, as well as new approaches to creativity. Not accidentally competition devoted to the World Press Freedom Day, which is dedicated to the awards ceremony. Its organizers - Creative Union of Journalists and the Journalists Training Center, which assisted Public Fund for Support and Development of Independent print media and news agencies, the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan, the National Broadcasting Company, the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Council of the Federation of Trade Unions and information agency "UzReport". 

The growing competition authority facts are the best. In particular, in 2006, at the National Award "Oltin Qalam" claimed 136 journalists with 1669 works. Last year, the jury was presented already 7500 materials of about 490 authors. Among the winners of different years - leading Russian masters of the pen and their foreign colleagues, working in our country, as well as the largest edition of print and online publications, news agencies and TV and radio channels, make presentations all areas: social, political, economic, social, cultural. Journalists and the media are also marked honorable mentions international organizations and NGOs. For example, last year it was the call of the UN, UNESCO, OSCE, the World Bank, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNAIDS, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (USA), MNNO "Regional Dialogue" (Slovenia), the Council of Federation of Trade Unions and the Public Fund for Support and development of independent print media and news agencies of Uzbekistan. 

Held this year the Tenth International Competition National Award for Journalism "Oltin Qalam" - especially since it is the anniversary. We shall consider at least five articles published in newspapers, magazines and the Internet, published in television and radio broadcast from 31 March 2014 to 31 March 2015. Reception work conducted in the Creative Union of Journalists until April 10, and then start to work by a competent jury. 

You can be sure that the awards will find worthy - the most enterprising, active and creative authors. For new winners from among Journalists such a powerful stimulus as the National Award "Oltin Kalam", will be not just a decent assessment of their hard work and talent, but also the impetus for further work on the other. 

This means that the "golden feathers" Uzbekistan will continue tireless creative search in the name of grateful readers.

IA "Jahon"