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On advanced techniques PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 12:18
Introduced a new mechanism for the professional development of school teachers of foreign languages, reports newspaper "Pravda Vostoka". 

As part of the President's decree "On measures to further improve the learning of foreign languages" at the initiative of Ministry of Public Education (MPE) in 550 supporting schools of all cities and regions of the country decided to organize permanent continuing education courses that will give mentors the opportunity to develop skills at work and at home. Classes will be conducted in designated for teachers methodical days in two stages during the year. Sharing knowledge will be experienced by local teacher-trainers who have been trained and placed great emphasis on the most advanced techniques in accordance with the approved program of the Ministry. 

Employees of the Central Institute of retraining and professional development of public education n.a. A.Avloni, the Uzbek State World Languages University and other institutions created for the course curriculum with a program handbook, development lessons and materials to test knowledge, audio and video resources. In late January, the Institute organized a one-week course for 760 future trainers. Already from March 1, they will conduct classes on the ground, which will cover about 21 thousand colleagues. The effectiveness of their activities will be constantly the focus of MPE. 

IA "Jahon"