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Revival of the 12 Gates of Tashkent Is Projected PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 August 2017 03:28

Members of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan offer to implement a major cultural and historical project to revive the 12 gates of Tashkent. The idea, if implemented, will allow Uzbekistan to be viewed as the cornerstone of a new cultural era.


“There is a reserved land on the planet, given by the blessed mercy of nature to bear the unique meaning of human actions and deeds. Between two rivers, as between two outstretched heavenly favored hands, it lies in the cradle of peace and tranquility,” said about the project one of its authors, Yuri Tiora. “We are attracted to it by the secret light of the East, the mysterious expanses of Asia, the treasured Uzbekistan and the enigmatic Tashkent - the magic stone of the world with twelve roads to and from it…”


In the epics and legends, any guiding stone in antiquity was always put at the fork of at least three roads. Our capital in reality rests on a matrix of 12 gates and 12 roads leading to all civilizations.


For the modern youth of Uzbekistan, a great unifying business can appear - the creation on our land of a perfect city, a new youth construction, where all aspects of the creative potential of the younger generation can be fully manifested.

Our capital can become the image of an ideal city, a unique metropolis that rests on historical heritage and modern realities. This is the aim of the proposed project to revive the 12 gates of Tashkent.